Problems and pressures are quite common in everyone's life, and we feel either happy or sad depending on the changing situations. However, a person is said to be suffering from anxiety or depression if these worries cast a deep shadow over everyday life. Anxiety can either be temporary or a long-term condition depending on the sources or causes. Anxiety covers a wide range of problems like panic attacks, phobias, compulsions, debilitation nervous illness or nervous breakdown, etc. In all these problems, the body produces a lot of adrenaline, which result in symptoms that affect normal everyday life.

Types of anxiety

General anxiety
Panic disorders

Various symptoms of anxiety:

Weight loss
Heart pain
Extreme tiredness
Panic attacks
Obsessive thoughts
Anti-social behaviour
Giddiness, etc.

What causes anxiety?

Anxietycan be caused by various internal or external traumas. Sometimes, anxiety can be predisposed due to a learned, copied or genetic behaviour. Many drugs too trigger anxiety. External traumas like massive shocks, life-threatening accidents and incidents, long-term medical problems, can cause anxiety. Various internal traumas like shame, guilt, conflict, or sorrow, which are deeply buried, can also cause anxiety.

Counseling can help anxiety

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